Wholesale FAQ

What makes your cookies low carb & keto?

We use ingredients like almond flour, butter, and coconut flour to make a cookie that is as low in carbohydrates as possible. With only 1 - 2 net carbs per cookie, they are definitely keto-friendly. 

What are your flavors?

We offer our Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, and Lemony Lemon cookies.

How quickly do shipments arrive?

Almost all shipments will arrive within 5 business days.

How many units are in a case?

Each case contains 3 shelf-caddy units. Each caddy contains 10 packs of 2 cookies.

What is the SRP?

Each package should retail for $2.99 - or $29.99 per caddy.

Can I re-sell Fat Snax online?

Unless you have been given direct and explicit approval by Fat Snax, our products may not be re-sold online in any capacity. Doing so will likely end our lovely & sacred relationship.

Can I re-sell Fat Snax to another 3rd party?

No thanks! 

Is your Fat Tea available for wholesale?

Our Matcha Fat Tea isn't yet available for wholesale. If you email sales@fatsnax.com, we may be able to make an exception. 

Do we ship wholesale outside the US?

Unfortunately we are currently only able to ship wholesale within the US. The only exceptions are offices and subscription boxes within Canada, because are not being directly re-sold. We hope to have wholesale available for Canadian retailers soon.  

Are Fat Snax cookies gluten-free?

You bet! Our cookies are naturally grain-free and gluten-free, however they are made in a facility that does process gluten.

My shipment hasn't arrived and it's been over 5 business days. 

We are sorry to hear that! Please email your order ID # to sales@fatsnax.com.

What is the shelf life of the cookies?

The shelf life is 7 months.

Can I use a distributor?

Depending on your region, you may be able to work with UNFI already. Shoot an email to sales@fatsnax.com with your region and number of stores and we can get over more information.

Did we answer all your questions?

If we did, you can head back to our product page. If not, please email sales@fatsnax.com.